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I do a lot of shopping online for two main reasons. First, I typically can find a great deal which I think is a major part of the overall shopping experience. Second, as a person with a disability it is just easier to click and have it all delivered to my door. It might sound funny, but there is also something rewarding about getting a package in the mail.

is one of my all time favorite places to shop online. I find you can buy almost anything including food and household items. I also really trust the reviews and ratings that people provide as many contain the good, the bad, and the ugly. I typically go on Amazon to research a product even if I do not purchase it through Amazon.

One of my favorite services is Amazon Prime which allows you to get majority of your items delivered in two days with no minimum purchase. Since I signed up for Amazon Prime I have significantly increased my online shopping to include many items I would never have thought to order online in the past. I also got an Amazon Visa which gives me triple rewards for my shopping on Amazon.

Amazon is constantly introducing new services to make shopping even easier. First, is the Amazon Button which allsows you to simply press a button to order a product. For example, you can put a button on your washing machine and when your laundry detergent is running low you just press the button to place an order. Second is Amazon Prime Now a new service that allow you to get items delivered in less than two hours. Last is Amazon’s subscripition service which allows you to automatically have items delivered on a schedule. For example, every month you can have a bottle of toothpaste delivered.

Next week July the 15th is Amazon Prime Day which will have specials that will be bigger than Black Friday. To particpate in Amazon Prime Day you need to be an Amazon Prime member. I would encourage you to sign up for a free thirty day trial membership of Amazon Prime even if it is simply to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day. Each person that signs up using the link below will help support this blog. Please consider signing up and tell your friends to sign up via this blog.

Happy Amazon Prime Day July 15
Exclusive Deals for Prime Members
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