Beyond the Door

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Most people open and close doors every day with very little thought. For me and many with disabilities the task can be daunting or even impossible. My new home is almost finished and I wanted to make it extremely accessible with my doors being no exception. My architect came up with idea of using a huge pocket door to separate my bedroom from my living room. I wanted to have the ability to open and close it  without any assistance. For years door openers for swing doors have existed, but very little for residential sliding doors. I was determined to find a solution when I found Autoslide Automation System that made a door opener for all types of sliding doors. I reached out to them and they offered to sponsor me with their Autoslide Automation System.

Most door openers like the ever popular Open Sesame which is used on swing door like my front door simply open and close the door. Yes, the Autoslide Automation System open and closes the door, but it is much more advanced than that. It actually learns about your door and entry. It calculates how big the opening is and how heavy the door is. It uses this to know how much power and force to use. It also has safety features to reopen if something touches it when it is trying to close. This all might sound very complicated and well it is, but it does not make it any harder to use. I actually found it much easier to setup than the swing door opener as the Autoslide Automation System does most of the programming work.

There are several ways to open and close the Autoslide Automation System. You can use a keychain remote control, a wall mounted remote control, a motion sensor, or as I did connect to a home automation system. One day hopefully in the very near future I hope to have the financial ability to get an assistance dog. When I do the Autoslide Automation System has a pet feature so my assistance dog can also use the Autoslide Automation System.

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