Can you hear me?

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One of my sponsors is a company called CastleOS that created a system that allows people to control almost everything in their home using their voice. CastleOS recently created a new CastleHUB that will make the implementation of the system even simpler.

From the very beginning I thought that CastleOS was an ideal product for persons with disabilities. Christopher Cicchitelli the Chief Executive Officer of CastleOS thought so as well. CastleOS is certified with the Veterans Administration as a home environmental controller which allows disabled veterans in some cases to get CastleOS at no cost.

To take their desire to help support persons with disabilities one step further CastleOS created a buy one give one program as part of their CastleHub Kickstarter CampaignCastleOS is offering backers that pledge $999 or more the option to not only buy a CastleHUB for themselves, but to buy one for a person with a disability as well. Check out this program and the other ways CastleOS is supporting persons with disabilities by visiting their CastleHub Kickstarter Campaign.

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    Awesome info, thanks Zman…

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