It’s Showtime!

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Earlier today the permit for the construction of my new home was approved. This is the first big step towards creating the home of my dreams. Now the fun really begins.Permit Approved

Technology At Home

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As you probably know from reading my blog I am in the process of renovating my new home. I have found ways to make most of the items accessible for my needs. I am planning to Incorporates a lot of technology to make everything extremely accessible. Since I was a little kid I was a huge fan of the Jetsons and the house in the movie Casper. I think my home will have more wiring than a space station. I will be using a variety of software which includes CastleOS, MobiLinc, and iRule. These products will allow me to control my home either by voice, my iPhone, my iPad, my computer, a wall interface, or on a schedule. I am also now investigating the possibility of using wearable technology. I will be automating almost everything which includes my lights, air conditioning, doors, window coverings, water, entertainment system, television, music, and some furniture. I was also lucky enough to find an amazing oven that will make it much easier for me to cook. I am now struggling with how to make the refrigerator accessible. I am also looking for a way to make the pocket door between my bedroom and living room electric. I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. I also want to hear what you have done to make your home special.

Getting Closer

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A while back I wrote the blog entry One Step Closer about how the Florida International University Electrical and Computer Engineering students were assisting me to make my kitchen accessible. The students just finished their prototype for their senior project. They are now in a competition and need help getting votes. Please help me support them back by liking their video at

Music All Around


Just a few days ago Sonos sponsored me with one of their wireless HiFi systems. They gave me a Connect, a Boost, a PlayBar, and two Play:1 speakers. So far I have only setup one of the Play:1 speakers as I do not want any damage to come about during the construction on my home.

Setting up the Play:1 was probably one of the easiest things I have ever done. You simply plug it in and follow the on screen guide. Within a few minutes I had all my downloaded and streaming music available to play. The Play:1 speaker is small and sleek, but sounds loud and clear. I am looking forward to setting up the rest of my new Sonos wireless HiFi system.

The main controls for my home automation system are going to be iRule and CastleOS. Both of these systems are designed to integrate with the Sonos wireless HiFi system. With these systems I will be able to use my voice, an iOS device, and more to listen to music, news, television, and audiobooks wirelessly throughout my home. All I can say is it is big change from when I was a kid listening to vinyl records on my Sesame Street record player.

One Step Closer

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I have noticed that many people have become very cynical thinking that there are a lot less nice people in the world. This blog has taught me that is just not true. The amount of feedback and sponsorships I have received in the short time I have been writing this blog is outstanding.

Yesterday, I had the amazing opportunity to meet with some of Florida International University’s Computer Engineering students. I am a graduate of Florida International University and continue to work there as an IT and Marketing Coordinator. These five students Jorge Aguilar, Jose Perez, Oscar Ortiz, Anthony Lama, and Adrian Casanova are working together to help me to design, build, and implement an accessible kitchen. Most people who are able-bodied take for granted something as simple as using a refrigerator or accessing their kitchen cabinets. These students are helping me to reduce my limitations and make my dream of living on my own a reality. I will be posting updates on the progress of this project.

You guys rock and thank you again.


Rub a Dub, Dub.

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This past Monday I met with my architect and interior decorator to work on finalizing the plans for my new home. The kitchen and bathroom have been by far the toughest design. Currently having a bathroom that is not very comfortable to use has help me become much more aware of what I need. I have had an extremely difficult time finding a shower chair that works for me. Most shower chairs are the market are really just shower benches. Some have arms and some have backs, but rarely have both. Very few have good supports like a headrest and footrest. I had all, but given up until I found the Rifton HTS.

I know it may sound silly to most to get so excited of something like a shower chair. To give a little background I always found taking a nice hot shower after a long day relaxing and rejunivating, but as of lately I have gotten injured numerous time trying to get in and out. My time to destress had become a time of great stress.

The Rifton HTS is very unique shower chair as it designed like a wheelchiar. It is availalbe in many options, but I am going to focus on what works for me. First, it has a very stable mobile base so I can use my lift next to my bed to get in the chair and be wheeled into the bathroom. The chair has arms, back, footrest, headrest, and a variety of other supports. I also like fact that not only can the angle of the back can be ajdusted, but the chair can also tilt. The bottom of the chair is open like a toilet seat so I can use over the toilet, but also it allows for better washing in the shower. One other option that is nice about the Rifton HTS is the fact it has carrying case with a portable base I can use for traveling which I am looking to do more of.

I want to thank Rifton for not only sponsoring me with their HTS, but for once again allowing me to enjoy my relaxation time.

Do you have the power?

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One of my concerns with moving into my new home is electricity. First, I am looking for ways to keep my electric bill low as I use a lot of energy for all my medical devices. I am also looking to create a backup power system incase I lose electric. I am planning to get rid of my traditional water heater and replace it with a tankless water heating system. The space that I save from removing the hot water tank I will use for bank of batteries along with a power inverter. I am also investaging the practicality of possibly using solar panels, wind power, and or fuel cells. None of these look to promising as I am moving to a condo. If you have any ideas, are interested in helping to sponsor this project, or just want to help please let me know.

More Progress

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Most Accessible Home Project Progress

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If you build it…

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Over the next few weeks I will begin construction and implementing a lot of technology that will give me the freedom and independence to live alone. In order to make everything accessible I will be making a lot of custom items to support my special needs that I broke down into several categories.

First is the kitchen which consists of developing an accessible refrigerator, accessible cabinetry, and accessible pantry, The second is creating an accessible coffee table that can change height. The next is my bedroom which includes an accessible pocket door, a height adjustable bed, a hidden cabinet system to conceal my medical equipment that I use for sleeping, and an accessible desk that will allow me to work by myself. The last project is a tray system for my wheelchair.

In order to accomplish this I will be using a lot of linear actuators. Below is an amazing project showing how linear actuators can make things accessible.

If you are interested in helping me with my project please fill out the following form.

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