Getting Closer

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A while back I wrote the blog entry One Step Closer about how the Florida International University Electrical and Computer Engineering students were assisting me to make my kitchen accessible. The students just finished their prototype for their senior project. They are now in a competition and need help getting votes. Please help me support them back by liking their video at

Jumping Java

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I recently received the Special Edition model coffee maker from Keurig. The coffee maker is great for persons with disabilities. I like the fact that the water can be filled up in advance and stored. To make the coffee you simply pop in a capsule, place a mug under the spout, and press the button. This is much easier than measuring, pouring, and washing. I myself do not drink coffee so it is great to be able to offer a huge variety of choices to guests or care takers. I also like the fact that you can use capsules that can be refilled using regular coffee which can save you some money. It can also make tea, ice coffee, and hot chocolate.

I did research on many devices like the Keurig Special Edition. The main things that stood out to me were the availability of the capsules, price of the capsules, variety of beverage choices, and the fact you can use reusable capsules.

The best thing since sliced bread.

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Oster recently sponsored me with a CKSTBRTW20 2-Pound Expressbake Breadmaker which I have been experimenting with for quite some time. I have to say this device is amazing. It makes amazing bread with complete ease in just a few hours. It allows you to make bread without using a rolling pin which is a huge advantage for persons with limited strength. Another advantage is not having to knead the bread or use an oven. All you have to do is measure out the ingredients and pour it into the machine. Less than three hours later you have a nice loaf of fresh bread. I do not think it can get easier than that.

I have made a potato bread and a french countryside bread. They both were delicious. I really like the idea of knowing exactly what is going into the foods I eat. I feel the more we can make fresh the better it is for our overall health. I am looking forward to trying some other recipes.

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

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Euro-Pro recently sent me a Ninja Mega Kitchen System. It looks like your typical blender, but it is much more than that. It works as a food processor, juicer, blender, and a mixer. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System comes with a pitcher, a large mixing bowl, a small mixing bowl, and travel cups. This system is great for a person with a disability because the travel cups are easy to handle as they are small and lightweight. I also find it can do many tasks that others with a greater amount of strength would normally do by hand.

For example, it can mix and chop items with just a press of a button. You can use to stir up items or grate cheese with ease. My family finds it easier to things by hand, but given I cannot the Ninja Kitchen System helps a great deal. When I move into my own apartment i can see using to prepare almost every meal.

I have recently been trying to make more fresh things and cut out the amount of preserved food I eat. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System has been acting as my sidekick. I have already been making fresh baked good and smoothies using all the different tools it comes with. Next I think may try to make my own peanut butter or almond butter. I am also looking into getting the cookbook and drink book sold on the Ninja Mega Kitchen System website. Looking forward to see what else I can come up with in the future.

It is not what you do, it is how you do it.

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Over the past few days I have received quite a few products to try and review that I think will make doing things in the kitchen much easier. Chef’n Corporation and Zyliss have sent me products that are very helpful for people with limited strength that want to cook on their own. This weekend I have began trying these products to do some cooking of my own.

I started with the Chef’n PrepStation Cutting Board which is a cutting board with a pull out tray on one side and a pull out colander on the other side. I found this extremely helpful to transfer items especially given the fact that when I am moving in my electric wheelchair I only have one free hand.

To measure the ingredients I used Chef’n Sleekstor Measuring Beakers which are great because they are made of silicone which means they are extremely light. These beakers also have lids which helps reduce spills during transfers. Another great benefit of having the lids is you can have someone measure something in advance and save it for when you are ready. When it comes to pouring the ingredients I simply gave the beakers a light squeeze to create spout. To measure the small ingredients I used a set of OXO Good Grips Mini Measuring Beakers I purchased. These were much easier than your typical measuring spoons as they stand up which allowed me to use to hand to pour my ingredients.

I also used Chef’n PalmPeeler and a Chef’n Serrated PalmPeeler to peal items. I need to practice using the peelers, but I was able to use them which is huge as I have never been able to use a peeler before. The palm products are very easy to hold as your finger slides through them which allows you to use a lot less strength. I also have a Chef’n PalmBrush, Chef’n PalmZipper, and a Chef’n PalmZester which I will be trying soon.

Zyliss gave me their Sandwich Knife to try which was extremely light and easy to handle. Even though the knife is light it is still very solid feeling. It is great for making sandwiches or in my case I used it to cut the Parmesan Hash Brown Cups I made. I love nothing more than a grilled cheese panini and the Zyliss Sandwich Knife is going to be my new best friend.

All of the products made things much easier and helped to make cooking enjoyable. I am looking forward to trying the rest of products Chef’n Corporation and Zyliss sent me.

It doesn’t matter how you say potato.

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I recently purchased an Euro Cuisine Electric Peeler. It is handheld device that uses rechargeable batteries and looked really nice as it did much more than peeling.. It is also works as a handheld electric blender, whisk, frother, and brush brush.

The blender function worked well, but I cannot say the same about the peeling function. I recently tried it on potatoes and was less than impressed. First, it made a huge mess shooting potato peel all over me. Second, it was extremely slow and mutilated the potato. Last, it was hard to hold onto.

I also found it very difficult to switch the functions. I thought it was my limited strength only to see members of my family were having difficulty too. All in all it is not my favorite device so far. I am going to try peeling other items with it and see how the other functions work.

I am also going to look at some other electric peelers I have found during my research. These include the Osgood Deluxe Fruit/Vegetable Power Peeler and the ThinkTank Technology Electric Peeler. If you have used an electric peeler please comment about your experiences.

Magic Touch

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I have been looking at different kitchens faucets to use in my new apartment. Delta Faucets have offered to sponsor me with my choice of one of their faucets. I have decided to go with the Pilar faucet. I chose this one because it has Delta’s Touch2O feature which means all I need to do turn it on is touch the faucet. I also chose this faucet because the temperature control is separate from the faucet which means I can put it in a location that will make it easier to grab. It also has the pull out hose which I plan to you to fill large pots when cooking. I am really looking forward to receiving it and trying it out. As soon as I have my kitchen up and running I will be sure to continue this review in much greater detail. I want to thank Delta Faucets for sponsoring my apartment with one of their faucets.

Cool Kitchen Tools

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In order to make my kitchen accessible I found certain tools to make my life easier. I have found the following, but I have not tried them yet. I will be evaluating them shortly and posting a follow up on my experience.

The first is the One Touch Can Opener. This is small battery operated can opener that allows you to remove the lid with no sharp edges. Another nice feature is the fact that it is battery operated I do not have to worry about plugging it in or trying to reach it on the back of the kitchen counter.

The second device I found is the One Touch Jar Opener. This device made by the same people as the One Touch Can Opener allows me open any jar with ease. I simply put the small battery operated device around any jar and press the button. It tightens to grip the jar and begins to twist the lid off.

The last device I found is a battery operated DeLonghi Cheese Grater. Cheese graters typically require a good amount of muscle strength. They are also very sharp and can be dangerous if handled wrong. Using a battery operated version takes away the risk of injury and allows me to grate my cheese with ease.

The small devices which each can be found online for under $30 can help me prepare meals with ease and independence. Please share devices you have used to make your meal preparation easier.

Slice and Dice

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It has been a while since I wrote on this blog, but I haven’t been to far. Just doing a lot of research and testing. I recently have been trying to figure out how to cook for myself. Mind you I have never really cooked anything besides reheating leftovers in the microwave. I recently bought a Kuhn Rikon Kulu knife. It is a very unusual knife that I really cannot explain in words. It is extremely light and sharp. You hold it unlike any other knife which I find makes it easier to handle, but if you are not careful you can easily cut yourself as I did. As I said I never cooked before so in order to do a real analysis of this knife I attempted to cut a cucumber with the Kuhn Rikon Kulu knife and a regular knife. The Kuhn Rikon Kulu knife was much easier to handle and made the effort needed much less. Take a look at the video I found online that shows the Kuhn Rikon Kulu knife in action.


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