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In order to make my kitchen accessible I found certain tools to make my life easier. I have found the following, but I have not tried them yet. I will be evaluating them shortly and posting a follow up on my experience.

The first is the One Touch Can Opener. This is small battery operated can opener that allows you to remove the lid with no sharp edges. Another nice feature is the fact that it is battery operated I do not have to worry about plugging it in or trying to reach it on the back of the kitchen counter.

The second device I found is the One Touch Jar Opener. This device made by the same people as the One Touch Can Opener allows me open any jar with ease. I simply put the small battery operated device around any jar and press the button. It tightens to grip the jar and begins to twist the lid off.

The last device I found is a battery operated DeLonghi Cheese Grater. Cheese graters typically require a good amount of muscle strength. They are also very sharp and can be dangerous if handled wrong. Using a battery operated version takes away the risk of injury and allows me to grate my cheese with ease.

The small devices which each can be found online for under $30 can help me prepare meals with ease and independence. Please share devices you have used to make your meal preparation easier.

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