Custom Accessible Vehicles

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One of my goals for a long time is to drive. I know I can do it and I am planning to restart my driving lessons again in the near future. I have been looking at alternatives to the typical minivan or full-size van. So far I have found a few which include pickup trucks and suburbans. There were a few that are no longer being made which were the Chrysler PT Cruiser, Scion xB, and Honda Element. The other option is the MV-1, but this is not configured for a wheelchair driver and has quite a few issues. Last a few small cars are going into production, but their top speeds are 25 miles per hour which I feel is not practical.

Here are a couple cars I found that are very inspiring. One is a Chevrolet Corvair and the other is a Ford Explorer. I am still confused on how they did the Chevrolet Corvair. As I have mentioned I am working on a website about building the most accessible home. In the near future I would like to start another website and project about building the most accessible vehicle. I already have a bunch of ideas, but need assistance making it happen. I hope you enjoy these videos and please let me if you are interested in helping me create the most accessible vehicle. If you have seen a vehicle designed for a person in wheelchair please share it in the comments.

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