Delivering More Than Happiness

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I recently purchased a pair of shoes from Zappos for the first time. I placed my order late on a Saturday night and on Monday the shoes had arrived. I was very excited that I found a shoe in my size as I typically have a lot of difficulty given my small feet. Once I tried on the shoes I found that they were to tight. I called and they told me I would have the larger size the next day and just give the delivery driver the shoes that did not fit.

I had previously read Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh about Zappos. I expected good service, but was really amazed by the speed of my order, their return policy, and how helpful the staff was. My amazement did not stop there. A few days later I got an additional package from Zappos with a handwritten note from Zaid the customer service representative that helped me place my order. Along with the handwritten note was a throw blanket.

I do not think Zaid and Zappos have any idea what this gift means to me. Due to my disability I am always cold. First, I am very thin which does not help. Second, I take a beta blocker which causes me to be cold and thyroid medicine that causes cold intolerance. Last, I suffer from anemia which makes it hard to stay warm. I recently found out that to control my anemia I need to have a series of iron infusion treatments. These treatments last about forty minutes at my doctors office which is extremely cold. Just before I received this gift from Zappos I was looking to buy a blanket, but thanks to this gift from Zaid and Zappos I will be feeling warm and loved. Thank you Zaid and Zappos.

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