Drobo – It is just fun to say.

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I recently got a sponsorship of Drobo 5N from Drobo and five 4 terabyte hard drives from Seagate. The Drobo 5N is an awesome easy to use hard drive raid system. If anyone is not familiar with hard drive raid system basically it combines several hard drives together to allow you to create a much more secure system. If one drive fails the other takes over. I configured the Drobo 5N to allow two hard drives out of the five hard drives to fail without fear of losing anything. Currently I use the system to back up my laptop. This is underutilization of the Drobo 5N. Once I move to my new apartment I plan to use as a back up system and very large media server. This will allow me to store music and more without the need of physically changing discs. The Drobo 5N uses gigabit ethernet which allow high speed connections and transfer rates.

I know this blog entry is a little more technical jargon so if anyone has any questions please ask them below in the comments.

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