Going Green or Grey

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As I have mentioned in many of my posts I have been doing a lot of planning for my new apartment. I have decided to try and do a lot to make it environmentally friendly. I am planning to use low VOC paints which are better for the environment, but also has no odors. My brother recently gave me the idea of using grey water which takes the water that goes down your sink and uses it in your toilet. I am also looking to use a tankless hot water heater rather than your traditional hot water tank. For lighting I am going be using LED bulbs. The other thing I am looking to do is repurpose and reuse things. For example, I will use reclaimed wood to build furniture pieces. Last I am looking to see about creating a small hydroponics system to grow some fresh food.

If anyone has any other ideas of ways to make an apartment environmentally friend please comment. Also if any companies would like to make sponsorships for the products I mentioned please visit http://www.mostaccessiblehome.com/Sponsors/Get_Involved.

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