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Over the next few weeks I will begin construction and implementing a lot of technology that will give me the freedom and independence to live alone. In order to make everything accessible I will be making a lot of custom items to support my special needs that I broke down into several categories.

First is the kitchen which consists of developing an accessible refrigerator, accessible cabinetry, and accessible pantry, The second is creating an accessible coffee table that can change height. The next is my bedroom which includes an accessible pocket door, a height adjustable bed, a hidden cabinet system to conceal my medical equipment that I use for sleeping, and an accessible desk that will allow me to work by myself. The last project is a tray system for my wheelchair.

In order to accomplish this I will be using a lot of linear actuators. Below is an amazing project showing how linear actuators can make things accessible.

If you are interested in helping me with my project please fill out the following form.

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