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Yesterday, I attended the DisAbility Expo at Nova Southeastern University. While attending I had an expereince that is not unusual to persons with disabilities, but it still stunned me. I went to a table for a governmental organization offering benefits and assistance programs. I began asking the staff questions about what they offer. A moment later my mother who was with me walked up behind me. The woman assisting me stopped, asked my mother if she was with me, and began telling her the answers to my questions. I have encountered people who are ignorant and think that I am incapable of communicating, but to stop speaking to me and disregard my presence was just rude. On top of that this woman works with persons with disabilities for a living and should know better. I have decided to start offering consulting on things people and businesses can do to help serve clients with disabilities better. If you are interested please feel free to reach out me. Also please share any questions or experiences you have in the comments section.

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