Inherent Challenges

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I recently wrote about how I want to make an income and live the American dream. Aside from medical costs certain living costs and entertainment costs might be significantly increased. For example, when I travel the cost is much higher because I am unable to go alone. If I go to New York I have to purchase two flights, food for my caretaker, and possibly extra money for their time since they are basically working round the clock. Any places I go that have entry fees also cost me double. Even if I am not traveling and I go to lunch it is common courtesy to offer to pay and I do not want to sound stingy, but this is constantly double the cost which can really add up. This applies to so many things that include movies, concerts, events, museums, and much more. I am not saying persons with disabilities should be given these services or be assisted by the government. I am explaining that the cost of certain expenses are higher for persons with disabilities and feel that we should be allowed to earn higher than normal income under Medicaid guidelines.

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    Absolutely agree or receive a good tax credit ….

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