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My name is Zach and I am a 27 year old with a disability. I want to start off at looking at what a disability is. A disability is simply the inability to do something. If you look at in those terms everyone has a disability. For example most people cannot play the violin. The main difference is that not being able to play the violin does not interfere in your life.

This blog is designed to help people live independently so that their inabilities do not stop them from participating in life. I plan to show examples and stories of things I do and learn that gives me the ability to do what I want to do and live a “normal” life.

As I mentioned in the beginning I have disability. My disability is one that confines me to a wheelchair and leaves me with very minimal muscle strength.

I hope you enjoy my new blog and share it with friends and family. Please feel free to always share your own thoughts and ideas.

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