It doesn’t matter how you say potato.

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I recently purchased an Euro Cuisine Electric Peeler. It is handheld device that uses rechargeable batteries and looked really nice as it did much more than peeling.. It is also works as a handheld electric blender, whisk, frother, and brush brush.

The blender function worked well, but I cannot say the same about the peeling function. I recently tried it on potatoes and was less than impressed. First, it made a huge mess shooting potato peel all over me. Second, it was extremely slow and mutilated the potato. Last, it was hard to hold onto.

I also found it very difficult to switch the functions. I thought it was my limited strength only to see members of my family were having difficulty too. All in all it is not my favorite device so far. I am going to try peeling other items with it and see how the other functions work.

I am also going to look at some other electric peelers I have found during my research. These include the Osgood Deluxe Fruit/Vegetable Power Peeler and the ThinkTank Technology Electric Peeler. If you have used an electric peeler please comment about your experiences.

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