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Over the past few days I have received quite a few products to try and review that I think will make doing things in the kitchen much easier. Chef’n Corporation and Zyliss have sent me products that are very helpful for people with limited strength that want to cook on their own. This weekend I have began trying these products to do some cooking of my own.

I started with the Chef’n PrepStation Cutting Board which is a cutting board with a pull out tray on one side and a pull out colander on the other side. I found this extremely helpful to transfer items especially given the fact that when I am moving in my electric wheelchair I only have one free hand.

To measure the ingredients I used Chef’n Sleekstor Measuring Beakers which are great because they are made of silicone which means they are extremely light. These beakers also have lids which helps reduce spills during transfers. Another great benefit of having the lids is you can have someone measure something in advance and save it for when you are ready. When it comes to pouring the ingredients I simply gave the beakers a light squeeze to create spout. To measure the small ingredients I used a set of OXO Good Grips Mini Measuring Beakers I purchased. These were much easier than your typical measuring spoons as they stand up which allowed me to use to hand to pour my ingredients.

I also used Chef’n PalmPeeler and a Chef’n Serrated PalmPeeler to peal items. I need to practice using the peelers, but I was able to use them which is huge as I have never been able to use a peeler before. The palm products are very easy to hold as your finger slides through them which allows you to use a lot less strength. I also have a Chef’n PalmBrush, Chef’n PalmZipper, and a Chef’n PalmZester which I will be trying soon.

Zyliss gave me their Sandwich Knife to try which was extremely light and easy to handle. Even though the knife is light it is still very solid feeling. It is great for making sandwiches or in my case I used it to cut the Parmesan Hash Brown Cups I made. I love nothing more than a grilled cheese panini and the Zyliss Sandwich Knife is going to be my new best friend.

All of the products made things much easier and helped to make cooking enjoyable. I am looking forward to trying the rest of products Chef’n Corporation and Zyliss sent me.

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