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I recently received the Special Edition model coffee maker from Keurig. The coffee maker is great for persons with disabilities. I like the fact that the water can be filled up in advance and stored. To make the coffee you simply pop in a capsule, place a mug under the spout, and press the button. This is much easier than measuring, pouring, and washing. I myself do not drink coffee so it is great to be able to offer a huge variety of choices to guests or care takers. I also like the fact that you can use capsules that can be refilled using regular coffee which can save you some money. It can also make tea, ice coffee, and hot chocolate.

I did research on many devices like the Keurig Special Edition. The main things that stood out to me were the availability of the capsules, price of the capsules, variety of beverage choices, and the fact you can use reusable capsules.

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