Keeping It Safe

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Over the past few weeks I have been investigating different safes. As someone with a disability like many persons with a disability I have many people coming in and out of my home. I have heard many horror stories of people being stolen from, but I have been lucky. I do think it is still a good idea not to simply leave valuables lying around.

The safe that has caught my attention is the Quick Access Pistol Safe from SentySafe. I feel this safe is ideal for a person with a disability for many reasons other than keeping a pistol safe. The first thing I liked is that once you enter the code the door opens automatically. For someone like me that has very limited muscle strength this is a huge advantage. Many safes I have tried in the past can be difficult to open. I also like the idea of the code because if someone sees me entering it I am able to  change it anytime.  Last is the idea that if I should become sick and need to be hospitalized I can easily give the code to a family member to retrieve items that I may need.

I am looking forward to getting a Quick Access Pistol Safe in the near future so I can test it and write a further review.

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