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Floor and Decor recently sponsored my new most accessible home project by giving me all my tile floor. This was huge a contribution on their part and has really help me out. They gave over a thousand square feet of  tile that I picked out. I was very careful about the flooring I chose. I did not want carpet for many reasons which include stains and smells. I really liked all the new laminate options, but found that because they are a floating floor they squeak when my power chair goes over it. I loved wood, but was scared of warping, water damage, and scratches. I finally decided to choose a tile that looks just like real hardwood. It not only has the color and style of hardwood, but is also cut in the shape of wood planks. At this point I am still in the design phase, but as soon as I tear down the walls the floors will be going in I cannot wait.

I would like to thank the Vincent West who is the Chief Executive Officer, Rob Baumaister who is the South East Area Vice President, and Miriam Lescano who is the Hialeah Store Manager.


Photo with Miriam Lescano the Store Manager
for Floor and Decor in Hialeah, Florida.

I plan to share a lot more about this contribution and other I have received in the website I creating. Check it soon at mostaccessiblehome.com. If you are interested in sponsoring a product or service for my most accessible home project please visit http://www.mostaccessiblehome.com/Sponsors/Get_Involved.

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