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I recently got a new case for my Apple Macbook Air. I use my Apple Macbook Air for everything including writing this blog. I have been trying to find the perfect case for quite a while. I was looking for something that looked nice, protected my Apple Macbook Air, and could be used in the case. After trying many cases I came across the Folio from Sena Cases. At first look it looks like many of the cases you find on eBay, but from first hand experience I can tell you it is far better. First, the buckle is located on top and has a magnet to keep it out of the way. Most of the other cases the buckle is on the bottom and gets in the way which is quite annoying. It also has pockets behind the screen that allow you to stash papers and cards without adding bulk. Unlike the one I purchased on eBay it fits extremely snug and made of some of the highest quality leather. I would like to thank Sena Cases for sponsoring me with their Folio case for my Apple Macbook Air. I am planning to now purchase another case from them for my Apple iPhone.


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