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I recently discovered a website called website dedicated to the greenest home in Florida. This website inspired me to start my own version which will be about my new home. I plan to show photos and videos of the construction process. I also plan to feature all the equipment, technology, and products that I will using to make accessible.

I have already received many sponsorships which I have mentioned in this blog and many which I am still reviewing. I plan to showcase all of these items on this new site. It is still in production and just like my new home it has a long way to go. I hope that others can see what is possible and create homes that fit their needs regardless of their abilities.

If you have any ideas for the website or know of companies that might be interested in sponsorships please comment below.

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  1. […] him some questions about some design elements he has featured that I hope to incorporate in my Most Accessible Home project. It should not be to much longer until is fully launched. Keep checking back […]

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