Moving Out!

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After living at home with my parents for 27 years I have made the decision to move into my own place. I am currently purchasing a one bedroom apartment which I plan to remodel. It may take quite sometime, but I am going to make this apartment fully accessible so that I can utilize majority of the apartment myself.

I plan to make almost everything in the apartment smart so that I can control everything from my phone, tablet, or computer. I hope to do the design within a reasonable budget while making it look stylish. My disability requires me to use quite a bit of medical equipment at certain times a day. I am going to design and implement ways of hiding these pieces of equipment so it looks like a home and not a hospital.

I currently do not cook, but I hope with the right equipment and education I can begin to. I am looking to make the kitchen functional and enjoyable.

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  1. Rocio Perez says:

    So proud of you Zach!!! You’re such an inspiration! Much love!!!!!!!! <3!

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