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Just a few days ago Sonos sponsored me with one of their wireless HiFi systems. They gave me a Connect, a Boost, a PlayBar, and two Play:1 speakers. So far I have only setup one of the Play:1 speakers as I do not want any damage to come about during the construction on my home.

Setting up the Play:1 was probably one of the easiest things I have ever done. You simply plug it in and follow the on screen guide. Within a few minutes I had all my downloaded and streaming music available to play. The Play:1 speaker is small and sleek, but sounds loud and clear. I am looking forward to setting up the rest of my new Sonos wireless HiFi system.

The main controls for my home automation system are going to be iRule and CastleOS. Both of these systems are designed to integrate with the Sonos wireless HiFi system. With these systems I will be able to use my voice, an iOS device, and more to listen to music, news, television, and audiobooks wirelessly throughout my home. All I can say is it is big change from when I was a kid listening to vinyl records on my Sesame Street record player.

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  1. Adam says:

    Does it store your music?

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