One Step Closer

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I have noticed that many people have become very cynical thinking that there are a lot less nice people in the world. This blog has taught me that is just not true. The amount of feedback and sponsorships I have received in the short time I have been writing this blog is outstanding.

Yesterday, I had the amazing opportunity to meet with some of Florida International University’s Computer Engineering students. I am a graduate of Florida International University and continue to work there as an IT and Marketing Coordinator. These five students Jorge Aguilar, Jose Perez, Oscar Ortiz, Anthony Lama, and Adrian Casanova are working together to help me to design, build, and implement an accessible kitchen. Most people who are able-bodied take for granted something as simple as using a refrigerator or accessing their kitchen cabinets. These students are helping me to reduce my limitations and make my dream of living on my own a reality. I will be posting updates on the progress of this project.

You guys rock and thank you again.


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