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When it comes to opening and closing doors many people look at automated door openers which are great, but I wanted to take a look at door locks and how to keep my home safe, but while not making to difficult where I couldn’t get in myself. I found the Morning Industry RF-01 door lock. This is a remote controlled deadbolt which is available in a variety of finishes to match your home. It also can be opening by using a key which is included.

My favorite thing about this lock is the fact that SmartHome makes a MorningLinc that is under their Insteon line. The MorningLinc allows you to connect a Morning Industry RF-01 door lock to a home automation system. This allows you control your Morning Industry RF-01 door lock with a computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android device. This can be used to unlock your door remotely from anywhere your have internet access. I find this helpful because I can let caregivers in even if I am not home. It also gives me the ability to set scenes so when I unlock my door the lights go on and my air conditioning gets cooler. You can add and update your system which can make the possibilities endless.

I am looking forward to getting a Morning Industry RF-01 door lock and a MorningLinc in the near future so I can test it and write a further review.

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