Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

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I have always liked the idea of traveling, but not the work that goes into it. As I person with disability I have always been ready for an adventure when I travel and I am not speaking about exciting stuff like mountain climbing. I have flown many times, taken a couple of cruises, and been on many regional road trips.

The last time I took a plane I watched as the drove my power wheelchair down a flight of stairs. I was very concerned about my power wheelchair, but I also kept thinking how are they going to drive it up the stairs when we arrive.

Cruises are one of my favorite ways to travel if everything goes well. Last time I took a cruise with some friends it was a real adventure. I was absolutely shocked by how inaccessible it was. First, most of the doors had very large lips that made it very hard to maneuver. My handicap accessible room only had one electric outlet which was far from adequate for all my equipment. Last the form that Norwegian Cruise Lines gave me to check off what accessible options I needed were not followed through upon. Despite my frustrations with Norwegian Cruise Lines all in all I made the best of it. Nassau was extremely fun and very accessible. Once I arrived at the Nassau Welcome Center they arranged for an accessible van to take me to Paradise Island. The best part of any trip is having great people to travel with.

The biggest disadvantage of traveling with a disability is the added cost of the trip. Due to my needs I am not able to travel alone which means I always have to pay for two. Some airlines, bus companies, trains do offer discounts for people with special needs, but often it does not offset the added cost enough.

I hope to do some more traveling in the very near future. Any thoughts on how I should travel and where I should go? Please share your travel adventures by commenting.

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