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A while back I wrote the blog entry Coin Vs. Cards about Coin an alternative to carrying a wallet full of credit cards. Since then several products have been announced in this category. These include Google Wallet, Apple Pay, Wocket, Plastc, LoopPay, and Coin. I really cannot speak to Google Wallet as I am not an Android user. I like the idea of these devices because many times it is difficult for me to take cards out of my bag. I also like that I can keep my cards locked up somewhere as I am always worried about the possibility that new care takers could make copies of my cards when I am sleeping or showering. Others I know in similar situations to me have been taken advantage like this many times.

I recently got the iPhone 6 and have Apple Pay which looks great, but in my opinion has some serious drawbacks. The main drawback is I have had it for several weeks now and have not found one place to use it at. Second you have to be with it to use it so it will not work at restaurants where you give your server your card.

Coin the device I originally wrote about looks very promising as you can use it anywhere credit cards are accepted. It looks just like a credit card so you able to use it at restaurants and gas stations. It does hold eight cards which seems like a lot to me, but compared to the other options this is limited. The only downside is it must be replaced when the battery dies and at $55 that could get costly. The main issue with the Coin is that it has been plagued with delays. If and when I get a Coin I plan to do a follow up review.

Plastc looks very promising and could be a big rival to the Coin. It again looks just like a normal credit card. It has a small touch screen that allows you to switch between up to twenty different cards. It is compatible with credit cards, gift cards, touchless NFC cards, magstripe cards, barcode cards, store cards, loyalty cards, entry cards, and more. It is $155 which at $100 more then Coin may seem like a lot, but the battery is rechargeable. It also has a lot of security features that include facial authentication. If I get a Plastc when it comes out I will also do a review.

Wocket seems to work in the same manner as Plastc and Coin, but instead the Wocket Card is linked to a Wocket rather than your phone. The Wocket is a small touch screen device that that acts as your electronic wallet. It looks really nice and simple to use, but I am not sure I want to carry around another device. If I get a Wocket when it comes out I will also do a review.

LoopPay is currently in my opinion the best. This is for three main reasons. First, it is available now in several models which include the LoopPay Fob, LoopPay Card, and LoopPay ChargeCase. Second, it works almost everywhere. Last, it is just super cool. LoopPay recently sent me the LoopPay Fob and LoopPay ChargeCase to review. The LoopPay Fob is what I have been primarily using. It is a small device that fits on your keychain and charges up once a month. You simply plug it into your phone and swipe your cards into it. After that you simply select your default card. When you are at checkout you hold the fob over the magstripe reader and press the button. Like magic the reader thinks you swiped your card. The only downside I see is it does not work at gas stations or ATM machines, but supposedly their is a way to trick the machines. The only other thing is the fact to switch cards you must plug it in to your phone. The LoopPay ChargeCase has some great features which include adding extra battery life to your iPhone 5/5s and it allows you to switch cards via bluetooth. The downside to the LoopPay ChargeCase is you have to give your phone to your server at a restaurant. It also like all charging cases adds weight to your iPhone. The LoopPay ChargeCase does come with a LoopPay Fob which is a great plus. The LoopPay Card is LoopPay’s newest device which looks great. It works just like the LoopPay Fob as a standalone device, but allows you to switch cards via bluetooth. If I get a LoopPay Card I will do a follow up review on it.

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