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I am always looking for ways to do things better and faster. One thing now that I am doing a lot more writing is typing. I tried dictation software and feel we have a love/hate relationship. Sometimes I feel it is very helpful and well sometimes it is not. I will say not trying to sound egotistical I can type very quickly so it was not worth the stress. I recently had Smile Software sponsor me with their TextExpander software, which I quickly fell in love with. TextExpander allows me to set shortcuts for the most common things I type. For example, if I type ;em it expands to my email address. I find it very helpful for things like entering my library card number on the library website. I also downloaded TextExpander Touch on my iPhone. This allows me sync all my shortcuts via Dropbox. This may sound silly at first, but you would be amazed at how time it can save you.

Do you use any technology to simply make simple tasks even simpler? Please share them in the comments section.

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