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This Sunday I volunteered as the Activities and Entertainment Lead for the 2015 National Multiple Sclerosis Society Aventura Walk. Many people tend to assume that since I am volunteering I have Multiple Sclerosis, but I do not. If you wondering I have a neuromuscular disorder that I was born with. I feel that if we are able to support another we should. A few years ago a friend of mine who worked for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society asked me to help. At the time I did not know anyone who had Multiple Sclerosis, but I was thrilled to help. Today years later I am still helping and now know several people that are affected by Multiple Sclerosis. I am not saying you have to volunteer, give money, or support the National Multiple Sclerosis Society or any cause for that matter. I am just saying that it is very rewarding even if you do not have a direct relationship with the cause.

If you would like to contribute to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society please click here. Please share your volunteer stories in the comments section below.

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