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If you read my recent blog entry I might be in a wheelchair, but I don’t just sit on my ass then you know the issues I am facing along with many others trying to keep their benefits while earning an income. I have recently met with staff from my state representative’s office and federal representative’s office. It has all come down to the fact that if real change will occur it must come from the governor. I have recently written a petition to Florida Governor Rick Scott and the members of the Florida state legislature.

I understand this issue may not concern you directly, but if we only stood up for issues that directly affected us we would be a very apathetic group of people. One fifth of the world is disabled and I think that is a very large minority. I am asking you take a minute to review and sign this petition. I am also asking you to please share this with everyone you know. If you choose not to sign because you disagree with it I do not mind, but I would ask you to please share with me what you disagree with and or what your idea for a solution is.

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